Free2Succeed’s newsletter shows how mentors are making a difference

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By Jeff Kirkman, Program Manager, Free2Succeed Mentor Program

Read what some of the Free2Succeed mentors in District 4 are doing and how they are helping their mentees to keep moving forward in the Free2Succeed April newsletter.

The efforts of mentors are a continuation of the efforts of staff in the facilities and in the districts. Seeing those who were once incarcerated become themselves mentors to others in situations they were once in is a sure sign of success.

Thank you to staff who continue to see the potential of mentors, the mentors who selflessly give of their time and experience, and to the offenders who are realizing that the more positive support they have in their supervision, the more successful they can be.

Thank you to the D4 Mentor Site Coordinator Emily Miller who is an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer for putting this newsletter together. Great job!!

Story published: 04/22/2019
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