Board honors parole officers for helping during staffing crunch

Parole officers with district manager

BOISE, Idaho, March 5, 2013 -- The Idaho Board of Correction has honored 11 Probation and Parole Division staff members who helped District 1 get through a staffing crunch this winter.

Starting last fall a series of unrelated events left the district understaffed by five positions. The district was unable to provide adequate supervision of offenders and keep up with orders for pre-sentence investigations.

District manager Eric Kiehl put out a call for help. Nine probation and parole officers from around the state and the department’s two fugitive unit investigators agreed to work in District 1 for a week at a time until the staff shortage was resolved. Over the course of three months, they each spent a total of six weeks in District 1 and made a total of 525 home contacts.

“All we had to do was make sure they had a power inverter for their car and a GPS unit to find their way around in the northern reaches of the state,” Kiehl says.  “Without that help we would not have met our mission.”

Probation and Parole Division Chief Henry Atencio says the officers’ willingness to make personal sacrifices and be away from their families show the level of dedication and camaraderie that exists in the Probation and Parole Division.


Story published: 03/05/2013
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