Escapee recaptured in Benewah County

Mugshot of Jesse J. Wilkenson, IDOC #96482.
Jesse J. Wilkenson, IDOC #96482

BOISE, September 13, 2011 – The Benewah County Sheriff’s Office reports a Department of Correction inmate who escaped from the county jail overnight is now back in custody, less than 24 hours after his escape.

Jesse John Wilkenson also known as Jesse Brebner, (IDOC #96482), was recaptured without incident about 6:30 this evening approximately 3 miles outside of St. Maries, the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office.

Benewah County deputies, St. Maries and Plummer City police officers and Tribal officers were all involved in the arrest on Highway 5. According to a Benewah County deputy, Wilkenson is now locked down in a maximum security cell in the facility.

Wilkenson, IDOC #96482, escaped from the jail just about 12:15 this morning. He was serving a sentence for a burglary conviction, but was in the jail awaiting charges associated with a July escape.

If convicted of the latest escape, Wilkenson faces the possibility of an additional five-year prison sentence.


Story published: 09/14/2011
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