Idaho Department of Correction Seeks Correctional Industries Walkaway

Mugshot of Curtis Engman, #60937
Curtis Engman, IDOC # 60937

BOISE, January 10, 2012 -The Idaho Department of Correction is searching for an inmate who walked away from a Correctional Industries job in Nampa this morning.



Curtis Engman, IDOC #60937, was installing products at the new Nampa Police Building as part of an inmate work crew. Engman asked to go to the bathroom and never returned. He was serving time at the South Idaho Correctional Institution for trafficking by manufacturing. Sentenced out of Canyon County, Engman has a 5 to 15 year sentence and had three years remaining on his sentence.

Engman is 48 years old (DOB: 1/17/1963), 5’9", 190 pounds with hazel eyes and salt and pepper hair. When he escaped he had a full beard. It is also salt and pepper color. Anyone with information about Engman’s whereabouts should call their local law enforcement agency.







Story published: 01/10/2012
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