IDOC CISM team honored

Group photo: CISM team with BOC members Nielsen and Van Tassel
CISM team members with Board of Correction members

BOISE, Idaho, November 30, 2012 -- It’s been a busy year for the Idaho Department of Correction’s Critical Incident Stress Management Team. The team has been activated several times to help people cope with heart-breaking incidents ranging from the unexpected death of a probation and parole officer to the accidental death of a child.

“We were looking over the list and we wondered who’s doing the CISM debrief for your CISM staff,” says Prison Division Chief Kevin Kempf. “They’re going through some very trying times so we decided to honor them for what they do.”

At the October 12 meeting of the Idaho Board of Correction, the CISM team members were recognized and asked to share their perspectives on their difficult job.

“For me, it’s service to my fellow staff, my fellow peers,” said CISM team member Debi Jessen. “It’s an honor for me to be able to work with staff and help them through a crisis, and be able to come back to work.”

Patrick Wolberd has been a CISM team member for 25 years. He says in addition to helping individuals cope during hard times, an active CISM program can help shape the culture of an organization.

“I’ve seen agencies change in terms of staff’s attitude about talking about how they are dealing with their stress, how they are dealing with their emotional responses. And people who might be inclined to just buck up and move on begin to start talking to their peers and finding it helpful,” Wolberd said.

The photo accompanying this story shows, standing from the left, Idaho Board of Correction Vice Chair Jay L. Nielsen and Howard G. "J.R." Van Tassel. Seated from the left are Patrick Wolberd, Vince Rodriguez, Elaine Bergeson, Randy Roberts and Debi Jessen

CISM team members who were honored but are not pictured are: Michael Canale, Shannon Blackburn, Ashley Dowell, Charmagne Westcott and Shell Wamble-Fisher.







Story published: 11/30/2012
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