IDOC community work center staff get new uniforms

A black polo-style shirt with the Black Hat logo
The new community work center staff shirt

IDOC’s community work center staff are sporting a new look.  Black shirts featuring the department’s Black Hat logo and khaki tactical pants have been distributed all CWC employees. It will be the first time the department’s CWCs have had a standardized, statewide uniform.

“Our work centers play a vital role in helping IDOC fulfill its mission, and they don’t get nearly the credit they deserve,” says IDOC CWC Manager Al Ramirez. “We hope these new shirts will help people feel like they are all on the same team no matter where they work.”

SICI-CWC Sgt. James Brandner, who worked closely with IDOC Purchasing Agent Joanne Sooter, helped lead the effort to standardize the work centers’ uniforms. He says they investigated several options before agreeing on two styles — a black polo shirt and a black button down shirt both with  black hat logo.

“I know we didn’t make everyone happy, but we tried and I think we got close,” Brandner says. 


Story published: 05/01/2012
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