IDOC releases list of most wanted fugitives

Collection of mugshots on Most Wanted feature of website
IDOC's Most Wanted list

Boise, June 21, 2012 — The Idaho Department of Correction is now profiling its most wanted fugitives on its website and offering people a way to submit online tips and remain anonymous.

The feature is called Idaho’s Most Wanted. It displays mugshots and facts about the top 30 to 40 fugitives who are under the jurisdiction of IDOC’s Bureau of Probation and Parole, and escapees from Idaho correctional facilities.

“These are people with extensive criminal records and are likely to reoffend,” says Christina Iverson, the supervisor of IDOC’s Fugitive Recovery Unit. “Many of them have serious drug problems, and they need to be off the streets for their sake as well as the public’s.”

Iverson says people can use the online tip submission form to provide information about any IDOC fugitive anywhere in the world, not just those on the Most Wanted list. She hopes the form will appeal to the growing number of people who prefer to submit tips via email rather than over the phone.

“We just want good information,” Iverson says. “Our system is secure and easy to use. We won’t know who you are unless you tell us.”

You'll find the Most Wanted feature on the front page of this website,

Story published: 06/21/2012
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