Resurfacing to close S. Boise parking lots

Worker cuts asphalt next to red pickup with trailer
Resurfacing begins at IMSI

It’s time to resurface IDOC parking lots at three facilities in the South Boise Correctional Complex.

The works starts Tuesday, September 4 at Idaho Maximum Security Institution and Idaho State Correctional Institution.

Crews expect to finish up at the two institutions by September 7. They will then go on to work on the lot at South Idaho Correctional Institution. The entire project is expected to take a month.

While the lots are being resurfaced, staff and visitors will be directed to temporary parking lots.

IMSI's temporary lot will be in the dirt parking area on the west side of the facility by the buses.

ISCI's west parking lot will be closed Tuesday.  Staff and visitors can park on the far east side parking lot and in the dirt parking area commonly known as the construction parking lot.

You'll be seeing more advisories like this one on IDOC's external website:  We want to do a better job keeping people informed of changes to facility operations.

We'll be paying special attention to the last-minute cancellation of inmate visiting hours.

In addition to posting alerts to IDOC's website, we'll also sending them out via the department's Twitter account: @idocalert



Story published: 09/03/2013
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