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By Sheryll Byrne, Administrative Assistant 2, SBWCC

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho provides a temporary home away from home for families of ill or injured children receiving treatment at Boise medical facilities. SBWCC offenders were provided with an opportunity to make hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, or toys by using their talents and donating the finished projects for the Ronald McDonald House. In order to participate, the offenders had to go through the normal process to be approved for that hobby craft, and they had to use their own approved resources and materials. They also had to follow the normal process for disposition. The only difference was that they could specify the donation be made to the Ronald McDonald House.

Several offenders participated and made donations over the last couple of months. One offender stated the reason she participated in this project was that she has had family members who have stayed there in the past. She also said “knowing that you will be bringing a smile to a child’s face when they receive this gift of comfort and love.” In fact, when I brought the bag of knitted items to the Ronald McDonald House on April 10, there was one child who was in the process of going home. The thankful employee that was receiving the donations selected a stuffed toy to give to this little girl who was approximately four years old. I got to witness the smile on her face as she walked out the door with her new toy in one hand and her mothers hand holding the other.

Participating in this project goes right to the heart of our mission to provide opportunities for offender change. One offender said the following:

“Having an opportunity to take the time to do something for someone in need is a selfless opportunity to pay it forward. It takes you out of yourself, especially when I think about the destruction, addiction and criminal behavior I caused my family and the community. It humbles me that I can make better choices to help build up our community, instead of destroying it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.” (SBWCC Timer)

That just says it all doesn’t it?

Hands of Hope Northwest is another charity we have recently helped. They provide medical supplies and equipment to the underserved by facilitating the movement of donated medical supplies and equipment to those in need. Making a difference in the lives of those who do not have adequate health care.

Recently our medical unit had some items that required disposition. The medical items were old but still seemed to be usable. Working with the IDOC's fiscal department and doing the proper paperwork, it was determined that the items needed to be donated. So after doing some research I contacted the Hands of Hope Northwest. They were very grateful to receive the items. The thank you letter they sent to us said:

“The ministry of Hands of Hope Northwest touches countless lives here in the local Treasure Valley through our local loan program. Presently we have over 850 pieces of equipment that are made available on six-month loans to those in need. Almost daily we are approached by individuals who probably would go without were it not for this program.” “In the international community, Hands of Hope Northwest collects, cleans, refurbishes, packs and ships items of equipment and supplies to over 27 nations around the world. These supplies and equipment are packed into forty-foot shipping containers and sent to individuals and organizations that are in desperate need. My heart is burdened when I receive the countless requests from medical organizations and missions and realize that the need so greatly exceeds our supply and the finances to move these shipments.” (David J. Ferdinand II, Executive Director)

SBWCC is making changes toward the betterment of offenders, staff, and the community at large by lending a helping hand to charities.


Story published: 05/24/2013
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