Welcome CO Academy #38

Class photo showing officers and instructors at POST
Correctional Academy 38

A new group of correctional officers is now on the job at IDOC facilities statewide.

The 30 members of Correctional Academy 38 took the Oath of Honor on May 10, 2013, at the POST Academy in Meridian.

Idaho State Correctional Institution Warden Randy Blades delivered the graduation address. He offered these four tips on how to be successful in corrections:

• Come to work each day with a good attitude

• Maintain your integrity

• Build a sense of teamwork among your colleagues

• Realize the importance of your alert presence on the job

Blades says the last tip is the one he considers to be most important. He says it’s easy for correctional officers to be distracted by their computer monitors and long phone calls, and those periods of distraction give inmates opportunities to break institutional rules.

“I realize that these tools are an important part of our lives today. Even security cameras that are on our computers are a good tool,” Blades said. “But nothing beats your alert, physical presence, so get up out of your chair and do your job.”

Story published: 05/22/2013
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