Welcome Correction Academy 33

Class photo of Correction Academy 33
Members of Correction Academy 33

A new group of correctional officers is now on the job at IDOC facilities statewide. The 40 graduates of POST Correction Academy 33 took the Oath of Honor on May 4, 2012 at the Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy in Meridian.

“I’ve been through many academies and this large group, unexpectedly, is the tightest team I’ve seen thus far,” said training specialist Tim Braseth in his remarks before the presentation of the graduation certificates.

The academy’s class president, Mark C. Johnstone, urged his classmates to respect themselves and others at work and at home.  “Let us not kid ourselves, this is not a glamorous career. In fact, I find it to be a selfless one,” Johnstone said. “That alone commands a certain amount of respect. Not just for each other but for ourselves. You cannot respect others if you don’t respect yourself first.”

Senator Denton Darrington, the chairman of the Idaho Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee, served as the keynote speaker. He told the class they play an important role in the criminal justice system which protects the rights of all Idahoans — from the right of the accused to receive a fair trial to the right of citizens to be safe in their homes, businesses and vehicles.

 “You are a diverse group of graduates, you are going to eight different institutions in the state of Idaho,” Darrington said. “For some of you, this is a new and a first career. For others of you, this is a changing career. For all of you, this is an opportunity.”

Story published: 05/16/2012
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