Giving Back: Parolee develops reentry boxes for newly released offenders

Three women assemble box
Seidita (center) assembles a reentry box
By Pamela McCarroll, Section Supervisor, Probation and Parole District 5

Vanessa “Joy” Seidita #65606 has come a very long way.  

She is on parole and on Limited Supervision. She has put herself through school at CSI and has earned two Associates, both in Business. She is currently the Assistant Manager of Salvation Army Thrift Store in Twin Falls, ID.  

She wanted to give back to the Community because in her words, “I took and I took and I took from the community.”

She has developed “Re-Entry Boxes” for parolee’s returning to the community who do not have any family support.  

She even developed two separate types of boxes, one for those going to a transitional home and one for those entering into their own independent living.  

Vanessa even developed a checks and balances system so that the parolee gets a referral from either a Case Manager, PO, or Transitional Home owner/manager.  

She was very quick to point out that she has an awesome team at Salvation Army and that this was a team effort. 

She is truly a success story!  

Story published: 03/07/2018
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