Hats off to District 3 Probation & Parole’s ACE Program!

ACE program logo
By Cory Barrier, D-3 Deputy District Manager

The ACE program is a three-phase accountability program designed for those struggling on parole and provides an alternative to incarceration.

Participants meet regularly in front of the ACE panel to discuss their progress while in the program. Prior to concluding the program, participants are required to research, create and complete a community-based service project – very cool stuff!  

The program takes a minimum of 12 months to complete.  


Phase 2 - CHANGE


The ACE program is a collaborative approach to long-term behavior change and participant success. Members of the ACE team meet each week to staff cases and provide input on ways to meaningfully address offender behavior using a system of sanctions and rewards.  

Working together to problem solve challenging issues parolees face has a positive impact on community re-entry and public safety.  

Who are these ACE’s you ask?    

Team members include District 3 Sr. Probation and Parole officer Mandy Bravo, Parole Commission Deputy Director, Jarod Cash, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Lorri Dale, Department of Labor’s Tim Leigh, the mastermind behind it all -- District 3 Section Supervisor Dennis Cochems, District 3 Administrative Assistant Jill Linder and District 3 Clinician Michelle Sundquist.

This group of dedicated staff makes it all work!

Although the program only recently launched, it is growing fast and generating a lot of buzz around the department. The team looks forward to sharing their first ACE’d graduate in the future!

Story published: 09/25/2017
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