Honor Guard teams combine to do a performance

honor guard members stand at attention
Photo taken by Kamiah School Staff
By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

The IDOC South Region Honor Guard combined with the North Region this Veteran’s Day to do a performance for the Kamiah School District this year. 

Staffing was short and the North Region team could not put a full team together for this performance. 

The South Team, led by Officer Ryan Stephenson of IMSI, sent three members to help including him; making this the 13th Veteran’s Day performance the IDOC has performed at the Kamiah School District. 

ICIO Warden Carlin wishes to thank the South Team members, Corporal Wayne Barelocher, CCM Larissa Pfeifer, and Team Commander Ryan Stephenson for helping make this event a success. 

Story published: 11/13/2018
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