ICIO camp crews praised

Two inmates in red t-shirts under a yellow cover
Givens Hall Camp Maintenence Crew #2 at the Johnson Bar fire
By Lt. Greg Heun, ICIO

Last year Givens Hall Camp Maintenance #1 & #2 worked at the Elk Complex Fire base camp. They did such a great job the incident command (IC) presented the crew with a certificate of appreciation. This crew was supervised by CO Mozley and CO Wilkinson. Back then I was advised that IC recognizing a camp crew for their outstanding work was almost unheard of. Kudos!
Fast forward to August 2014, the Big Cougar Fire. Today I received via USPS another certificate of appreciation for Givens Hall Camp Maintenance #1's excellent work (see attached). I performed a crew inspection of this crew last week and the following is what was told to me by incident command personnel about their work - exact quotes: "Awesome, amazing, super hard workers, polite and respectful, they can do anything!" Again, this crew was supervised by CO Mozley, along with CO Hossack.
To be fair, I also performed a crew inspection the same day of Givens Hall Camp Maintenance #2, currently working at the Johnson Bar Fire. Incident command personnel heard what was said about our camp crew at Big Cougar and reported to me the exact same words. "Awesome, amazing, super hard workers, polite and respectful, they can do anything!" This crew is currently being supervised by Cpl. Schultz and CO Spence.
This is our second year providing camp maintenance crews to fires and we have MADE OUR MARK among incident command personnel. I thank those officers noted for their dedication, hard work, and ability to do great public relations promoting our program.

Story published: 08/20/2014
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