ICIO celebrates GED and literacy completions

About a dozen people gather for a team selfie
BOC Secretary Cindy Wilson with the "ICIO Crew"
By Aaron Krieger, Dep. Warden of Operations, ICIO

July 15, 2015, the Robert Janss School at Idaho Correctional Institution Orofino celebrated GED and Literacy completions.

We had the honor of Cindy Wilson from the Board of Corrections as our guest speaker along with Josh Tewalt, Julie Johnson and dignitaries from central office, North Idaho Correctional Institution and Lewis and Clark State College.

Board member Wilson congratulated the graduates explaining that they cannot change their past, but the future is what you can work toward changing.Mrs. Wilson has been involved with education for 30 years.

She stated they needed to celebrate their success and that the GED would help them by increasing their financial success and their marketability. In addition, it helps with inner fulfillment.

Board member Wilson talked about how the teachers teaching in prisons are very special and need to be honored. She was grateful to be at that graduation and a part of the celebration.

Then Mrs. Wilson asked everyone to think about something they were good at. Nobody escaped this question. She had everyone raise their hand once they thought of something they were good at.

She then told us we all had a responsibility to find that one thing and to use it for good, to not be afraid to tell people what you are good at, and it was our civic duty to make the world better with our talent.

She was very inspirational to the graduates and the staff that attended

Story published: 07/15/2015
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