ICIO fall welding classes begin

Inmates dressed in welding gear
Photos by Lt. Greg Heun/ICIO
By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

Retired ICIO school teacher, Rich Hull, in connection with Lewis Clark State College, started the second-year of ICIO welding classes this week. 

Classes of interested inmates will be going through this training this month. 

Some welding trivia obtained from weldingschools.com: Welding has been practiced since the Bronze Age. 

55% of welders work a 40-hour week, many more work overtime up to 70 hours per week. 

Egyptians are thought to use the first pressure, or solid phase welding, approx. 3000 B.C. 

Welding facts from gowelding.org: Welding does not require a college degree.

Welders have endless career paths to choose from. 

Unbelievable out of this world travelling opportunities (including space).

Military support. On-board ship maintenance. Industrial shutdowns. 

Welders’ have the ability to earn the salary of a doctor or lawyer. 

Story published: 11/07/2018
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