ICIO Featured in the CPOF 2020 Calendar

Photo of ICIO to be used in CPOF Calendar
Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution - Orofino

In April 2019, the Orofino area was hit with heavy rainstorms, causing multiple mudslides which blocked multiple roads in the area. Due to this, many staff members had to use creative methods to get to and from work. This situation created an opportunity to get one of the best photos taken of ICIO, from a mountainside gravel road overlooking the prison. The photo was recently submitted to the Correctional Peace Officer Foundation (CPO) for consideration in their yearly calendar. CPO loved the photo and is featuring it in their 2020 calendar for the month of October.

Many IDOC staff are members of the CPO and have their CPO contribution automatically withdrawn from their paychecks. The CPO Mission Statement: "The purpose of the Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation, Inc. is to operate and maintain a general fund for the perpetuation of the memory of those Correctional Peace Officers killed in the line of duty; to provide for their spouses, children or other beneficiaries; and to promote and project a positive image of the Corrections profession, both internally and to the general public."

You can learn more about the CPO at http://cpof.org

Story published: 07/24/2019
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