ICIO innovation saves taxpayer dollars

Clothing on shelves and hanging on a bar
Clothing for inmates upon their release
By Lt. Amy Anderson,ICIO

Inspired by the Certified Public Manager’s (CPM) course, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino implemented a program to outfit inmates upon their release in regular clothing. 

Part of the CPM course is to complete a project at the end of the year that focuses on benefitting your agency, work place and hopefully saves money. Some projects over the years have gone on to benefit many state agencies and win accolades. This CPM project focused on how to save ICIO money and if successful branch out to other institutions.

Laundry is an area that takes many financial hits throughout the years. Some of the issues that the laundry officer struggles with in order to remain within budget are: equipment repairs, inmate growth and loss of clothing. This project looked at these factors and how to address them.

Every year, each institution releases inmates on parole and full-term release. Many of these inmates wear state clothing when leaving or walking out of the facility, but they will change in the parking lot and discard the clothing.

Utilizing the CPM tools on developing and implementing change, the idea took flight and was up and running very quickly. Staff were open minded and helpful in getting the project off the ground. They participated in many ways to include donating clothing, working with inmates to find clothing or making contacts with charity organizations and churches for resources.
Inmates are given the option of having clothing brought in on the day of their release by family or friends, have clothing mailed in by family or friends, or by take something from the donation room.

The cost to release an offender in state-issue clothing, depending on the sizes, ranges from $35.00 to $60.00 per person. It was beneficial to the facility and to the laundry budget to have the state clothing returned and placed back on to the shelves for re-issue. 

Inmates without resources to bring in clothing or have clothing mailed in to them are given serviceable clothing the day they leave. Once up and running the process has been relatively easy to manage.  Much of this is due to staff’s participation. 

ICIO is looking to work with other institutions and IDOC laundry officers to expand the project and help save money. NICI Lt. Amy Anderson and Correctional Officer Bill Alberts are the contacts for this program and are available for any questions.


Story published: 03/31/2014
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