ICIO Special Projects prepping for 2018 season

Inmates work with brush-clering gear
Photo courtesy Lt. Greg Heun, ICIO
By Lt. Greg Heun, ICIO

This month the Idaho Correctional Institutio-Orofino’s Special Projects team is getting ready for the 2018 fire season. 

Scheduled events include brusher classes, CPR training, team building, and various hikes; getting the inmates in shape for the season. 

Unfortunately, nobody has ever had the ability to predict the upcoming fire seasons. Winter & Spring weather patterns just don’t do it. 

The old way of predicting the fire season that works every time is: “I’ll tell you what kind of fire season we will have in October.” 

However, ICIO Special Projects will be working hard, with the staff and inmates available, to have top fire and camp crews ready for the 2018 season. 

Story published: 02/23/2018
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