ICIO takes more ribbons at the fair

photos of ribbons and entries
By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

Clearwater County Fair awards continued! ICIO entered numerous hobby craft items into the fair this year including beadwork, paintings, drawings, jewelry, quilting, knitting works, and embroidery creations.

They did very well winning numerous ribbons for their work and earning $110 for their efforts of which they donated to the Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter.

The ribbon haul was as follows: 1st Place, 22; 2nd Place, 12; 3rd Place, 11, and, the Best of Show for a beadwork creation.

The photo on EDOC earlier this month of the doppelganger painting above Deputy Warden Shriver brought a 1st place ribbon back to ICIO. 

Story published: 09/24/2018
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