ICIO's Cheryl Davis reflects on 20 years with IDOC

Warden shakes hand of officer
ICIO Warden Terema Carlin (left) with Ofc. Cheryl Davis

As Idaho Department of Correction staff members are honored for 20 years of service to the state of Idaho, EDOC is asking them to reflect on their lives and their careers so far.

On June 1, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino Warden Terema Carlin presented Cheryl Davis with a certificate of service and a letter from C.L. “Butch” Otter honoring Davis for her 20 years of service. 

Davis graciously agreed to be the first person to answer EDOC’s four questions.

EDOC: How did you come to join IDOC?

Davis: I won't lie it's had its moments. But I have never been known as a quitter!I came to join the IDOC family because of my family. My Dad (Lt. Carl Davis) worked at ICI-O from Feb of 1987 to June 2003, so you could say I followed in his footsteps in a way. And also a family friend, Lt. Jerry Trombly  (RIP).  Jerry was actually more keen on the idea of me working here than my dad.   Dad was more protective and wanted to shelter me.

EDOC:What is your current assignment?

Davis: I am currently a Correctional Officer working the K-9 unit here at ICI-O. I am also a team member of the North Region Crisis Negotiations Team. 

EDOC: What do you like about your job?

Davis: I'd have to say the many rewards I get!  The first is being able to work everyday with some of the most outstanding staff who are like family.  I truly do see each and every one of them as part of my extended family.  Another reward is having an offender who has either top out or Paroled out contact me here at the institution after months and/or years of being out, to tell me thank you for treating them like humans, remaining fair, firm, and consistent and making them follow the rules in preparation for life back on the streets. 

EDOC:  What do you like to do in your free time? 

Davis: I do crafts and when the weather permits I love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping and spending time with my dogs. And even though my 3 children are all grown with their own lives, I still love spending time with them and my 6 Grand-puppies. 

In closing I'd like to recognize D.W. Bennett and thank him for his years of being one of the "Keepers of the Gate!" for 26 years. I'd also like to thank him for making my early years on A-block, C.E.R.T., and just at ICI-O in general so memorable. 

Lastly always pay it forward while you’re living, laughing, and loving your way through life, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

Story published: 07/10/2015
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