Idaho Veteran Finds Road to Redemption

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By John Lidgard, Probation/Parole Officer Sr., District 4

On 10/16/2018, the 30th graduation of Veterans Court commenced with a special graduate receiving his certificate that day. What makes this graduation special is that graduating was the first participant to be on parole while participating in the program. Paul Alexander is on parole for felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and while on parole he continued to struggle with addiction. He was charged again with felony possession in 2017 and would have normally been reincarcerated for the offense. Instead of being sent back to prison, Paul was offered a diversion, and with the approval of the Fourth District Court, he was accepted into Veterans Court. Paul spent just under 16 months in the program and he adjusted very well to the structure of it. By the hand of the Honorable Judge Michael Reardon, Paul was placed on unsupervised probation for the recent offense and he will be reviewed for a parole discharge this Spring. Paul’s success in the program saved Idaho tax payers an estimated $26,900.00 in housing costs in a time when prison bed space is over capacity and a current issue for the State.  

Paul’s Graduation Bio


START DATE:  06/20/2017

CLEAN DATE:  03/07/2017

Paul served in the US Navy as a Boatswains Mate. He spent time in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. 

Prior to Veterans Treatment Court, Paul describes his life as being incarcerated for a period of 15 ½ years total. Besides being in and out of prison multiple times, he was very selfish and had a hard time living in the free world.  

Today, Paul describes his life as a learning journey. He has learned how to be responsible and live as a functional member of society.   

For his Community Project, Paul donated 40.25 hours to Habitat for Humanity. He assisted with customer service and helping with donations. Paul picked this project because he likes what they do for people and he has done community service there before. 

In order to maintain his sobriety, Paul will continue to do what he has been doing; continue to go to AA and support groups, spend time with family and follow his Parole. He is committing to the Parole Commission that he will maintain a positive parolee and to the courts that he will follow all rules and obey all laws.  

Story published: 10/17/2018
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