IDOC a family affair

photos of women side-by-side
By Lt. Greg Heun. Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

It was recently brought to light that the Moss family has three members working at three prisons within the Idaho Department of Correction.

Jeanne Moss joined the Department in 2000. She works at SICI, Special Projects.

Her daughter, Cheri Mozley, started with the Department in 2012. She works at ICIO, also in Special Projects.

Another daughter, Tanya Jacks, just started with the Department this year. She is an officer and works at NICI.

Three family members working at three different prisons – A Family Affair.

Pictured from left: Jeanne Moss, Cheri Mozley, Tanya Jacks

Story published: 08/16/2018
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