IDOC establishes rules for inmate email, VideoGrams, digital photos

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The Idaho Department of Correction has established these rules for inmates for sending and receiving email, and receiving Videograms and Digital photos.

Emails, VideoGrams and photo attachments that contain any of the following will not be delivered and e-stamps will not be refunded.

Anyone sending or receiving emails, VideoGrams or photos that violate IDOC policy may lose their privileges to utilize such services.

  • Videos, descriptions or pictures of any illegal acts, including but not limited, to depicting or describing drugs, weapons, or the physical, sexual or psychological abuse of animals or people.
  • Information advocating that any ethnic, racial, or religious group is inferior or that make such groups an object of ridicule and scornSoliciting or receiving any information that describes the manufacture of weapons, bombs, explosives, alcohol and drugs, drug paraphernalia, or escape materialsAnything sexual in nature, including nudity, sexual gestures or sexual "adult toys"
  • Sexually explicit, graphic images or pornographic material as described in SOP 503.02.01.001
  • Anything of a threatening nature
  • Using coercion, threats, or fraud to obtain money, favors, or anything of value
  • Publications or items showing gang involvement or activities 
  • Gang signs or gang related clothing
  • Sending or receiving anything that encourages violence
  • Sending or receiving anything containing coded messages
  • Sending or receiving email, photos, or communications for another offender
  • Sending or receiving information related to the crime or identity of another offender
  • Anything that obligates you or others to time paymentsJoining or participating in book, record, tape, or CD clubs, either personally or through a third party
  • Directing or conducting any business operations, except as necessary to protect real property or close out a business
  • Role-playing games and related materials
  • Profanity
Story published: 05/27/2015
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