IDOC groundbreaking college course completion

photo of inmates with u-i students
Photo taken by Lt. Greg Heun
Written by David Manley and Greg Heun, ICIO

ICIO teamed up with the University of Idaho to complete the first college class ever offered inside an Idaho prison. 

The class ran during the fall ’18 semester and included a UI professor, a TA, 10 outside students, and 13 inside students; together they studied the history of justice for three sociology credits.

The program, called Inside Out, is new to Idaho but has been around some 20 years, is represented in over 40 other states and 7 different countries, and comes with some explicit security protocol, but it is very effective in creating “opportunities for people… to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue.”

ICIO’s Warden Carlin attended the ceremony and says, “Everyone involved should be proud of their hard work. It was a great celebration and could not have happened without staff helping.” 

Story published: 12/18/2018
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