IDOC launches DMV identification program for inmates

People stand outside room where gear is set up
By Kelly Hodge, Correctional Case Manager, South Idaho Correctional Institution

In partnership with Idaho Transportation Department, IDOC at ISCI was able to process the first two offenders in obtaining their DMV Identification cards onsite. 

This process will benefit offenders getting released greatly, especially in terms of employment, and housing. 

Special thanks to all staff involved; Deputy Chief Ross Castleton, Reentry Manager Timothy Leigh, Deputy Warden Randy Valley, Program Manager Ron Cook, Program Manager Luke Kormylo, Mgmt Assist Gaby Perez, ASM Mathel Castleton, AA1 Dana Maybon, Sgt. Seely, and a special thanks for the folks from Idaho Transportation Department for your support and assistance. 

Story published: 02/20/2019
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