IDOC relief effort gears up

building engulfed inflames
Photo courtesy Lt. Greg Heun, ICIO

Idaho Department of Correction staff are gearing up to help their colleagues in North Central Idaho whose lives have been disrupted by wildfires.

South Idaho Correctional Institution Cpl. Tammy Peneku says she hopes to start collecting donations at each facility starting next Monday.  

The places where the items can be dropped off and who will be in charge of gathering them are still being worked out.

Peneku says in the meantime people can donate money through the Kamiah Community Credit Union using PayPal.

PayPal funds can be directed to the email address, 

For Orofino, send funds to the email address,

Officials at the Kamiah Community Credit Union say all proceeds from the Kamiah Relief Fund will be spent locally to help the victims of these fires. 

Credit Union management and the Board of Directors will determine where these funds best fit.

Tammy provided this list of items that are needed:

Hand sanitizer                                               

baby clothes/ toys

Wet wipes for cleanup       

diapers (all sizes)

Paper plates/towels                                                   

baby wipes

Plastic utensils                                                            


Toilet paper                                                                 

Sippy cups                                                           

Dish and laundry soap (liquid)                                 

kids clothes (3-18 yrs)

Clothes line rope                                                        

womens clothes (plus sizes)

5 gallon buckets                                                         

mens clothes (plus sizes 3X-6X)

Feminine items                                                           

school supplies/backpacks

Bath soap/body wash                                               

socks and underwear 


breathing masks (disposable)



Hair ties                                                                       

Dog/cat food and bowls

Shoes (all sizes)                                                          


Canned meats                                                            

canned soups


Non perishables

Peanut butter            


Canned goods

Baby food                      

Story published: 08/19/2015
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