IDOC represented at Minnesota CO’s funeral

officers carry in casket
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By Collin Young, Case Manager, Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center

Over 4000 attended the Funeral Services of Officer Gomm

15 Department of Correction agencies from around the United States came to Minnesota to honor their fallen brother; Including two members from IDOC’s Honor Guard (Collin Young and Larissa Pfeifer).  

It was a humbling and somber experience.  

The community came together in support waving American Flags, holding posters, and banners.

Citizens young and old, from every walk of life, lined the streets as the motorcade made its way from the chapel to the cemetery.  

It was an incredibly moving experience.  

IDOC’s Honor Guard was grateful and humbled to serve and support Minnesota DOC during their time of need.

Story published: 08/07/2018
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