IDOC staff attend funeral for fallen sergeant

Portrait of Sgt. Moore in front flag
Coeur d'Alene Police Sgt. Greg Moore

On Saturday, Idaho Department of Correction Director Kevin H. Kempf and IDOC staff from around the state attended the funeral for Coeur d’Alene Police Sgt. Greg Moore, who was killed in the line of duty on May 5.

"Very cool to see how many IDOC staff we had attend," Kempf said. "We were there to support our fallen brother and to support our District 1 staff who knew Sgt. Moore."

You can see photos of the ceremony here.

During the service, Moore was remembered as a dedicated professional who worked to build bridges between law enforcement and the community.

His close friend and colleague, Coeur d’Alene Police Detective Johann Schmitz, said Moore was known as a common-sense thinker, a problem solver and an outstanding leader. Schmitz said Moore “didn’t view those who violated the law as enemies to be vanquished.”

“He was always fair and never held a grudge,” Schmitz said. “After 16 years, he resisted the urge to be jaded. He felt there was no one beyond saving.”

Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White said Moore’s colleagues respected him because he was good at his job.

“Greg knew how to find bad guys,” White said. “It was always a challenge for the other guys to catch the bad guys quickly because they knew Sgt. Moore would show up, find them, and then razz them.”

Also during the service, Moore’s ex-wife, Jennifer Brumley, read a message from their 12-year-old son, Dylan.

“My dad was the best. He would tell me anything, and was always there for me. All the times I was sad or lonely, he would be right by my side to comfort me.

“Dad would also reassure me that he was OK going to work by telling me he was Batman, because he worked at night, had lots of gadgets, was skilled and charming. Also, wherever we went, he would know someone that was there. I would always wonder how and why he knew those people.

“Dad’s favorite place to eat was Qdoba. It ended up being my favorite place as well. He was a Boston fan and he has gone to a couple of games, but I know he would have liked to see more.

“Every day, though, almost like tradition, we would wrestle on the ground, and try to beat each other. I’ve only won once, but I have learned so many things from him. I love him so much because he was a good dad, always helping people. And I want everyone to know that he is the best.”

Following the two-hour ceremony, a lengthy procession of law enforcement and emergency vehicles accompanied Moore’s body from Coeur d’ Alene’s Lake City High School to Forest Cemetery.

The procession, which stretched for miles, included representatives from city, county, state and federal agencies from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.

Representatives from the Chicago Police Department, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police also attended the funeral.

Story published: 05/11/2015
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