IDOC to increase focus on contraband searches

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The Department of Correction’s mission is to promote a safer Idaho by reducing recidivism. To achieve this mission, we must ensure that prisons are a safe place for our employees to work and for inmates to live. Contraband of any type puts safety at risk, so expect to see an increased focus on keeping contraband out of prisons.

The contraband of greatest concern is drugs, because of the danger drugs create in facilities. IDOC will be taking some pro-active measures to ensure contraband is not entering prisons. Introducing contraband into a prison is a crime per Idaho Code 18-2510.

Here’s what you can expect:

• Canine units will patrol prison parking lots and surrounding areas. Local law enforcement will help conduct some random vehicle sweeps. If a dog alerts on a specific vehicle, law enforcement will use their discretion to determine what happens next. 

• Anyone suspected of possessing contraband or behaving in a suspicious manner may be denied access to the facility.

• Inmates will experience an increased number of urinalysis tests and more searches in housing units.

• Positive or diluted urinalysis results will bring about disciplinary sanctions and potential classification changes.

These enhanced searches and security measures will be inconvenient, but will be done respectfully.

Our number one priority is the safety of all that work, visit, and live in Idaho prisons. Thank you for understanding, and as always SAFETY FIRST!

Story published: 11/06/2014
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