IDOC to reduce cost of inmate phone calls by 22 percent

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The Idaho Department of Correction is pleased to announce that on June 1 the rate for inmate phone calls in all IDOC correctional facilities will drop from 14 cents a minute to 11 cents a minute.  

“Research shows that inmates who maintain strong family ties are much less likely to return to prison after they’re released,” says IDOC Director Kevin Kempf. “We hope that by reducing the cost of phone calls, it’ll be easier for inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones.”

Last October, the Federal Communications Commission ordered a reduction in inmate phone rates across the country, but a pending lawsuit has put portions of the FCC’s order on hold. 

In the interim, IDOC is going ahead with a reduction of its own by voluntarily asking its phone-service provider, CenturyLink, to cut the price of inmate calls by 3 cents a minute. Taxes will still apply. 

“This is just one small step,” Kempf says. “We’re hopeful that in the months and years to come, it will be even easier for inmates to maintain the kind of positive relationships they need to succeed when they’re released from prison.” 

Story published: 05/13/2016
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