IDOC walkaways from Garden Valley captured in Boise

both mugs side by side

Two inmate firefighters who walked away from a wildfire they were battling near Garden Valley, Idaho are in custody.   

Brian Patrick Phillips, IDOC #93740, and Jeremy Ray Whitten, IDOC #51935, disappeared at 5 p.m. Friday from a gas station in Garden Valley.

They were captured about 90 minutes later near Cole Road and Ustick Road in Boise.  

Phillips, 26, was serving a sentence of 3 years to 10 years for aggravated battery in Ada County.  His term was scheduled to have been completed on July 31, 2019.

Whitten, 37, was serving a 2-year sentence for possession of a controlled substance in Canyon County. His term was scheduled to have been completed on July 16, 2016. 

Both inmates were assigned to the St. Anthony Work Camp. 

The circumstances surrounding the inmates’ escape is under investigation.

Story published: 08/28/2015
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