IDOC's CPM graduates honored

CPMs with their placques in the Statehouse hallway
IDOC's latest CPM graduates at the Statehouse

The Idaho Department of Correction shined at the latest Certified Public Manager graduation ceremony at the Statehouse. The department had the most graduates of any state agency, and those graduates walked off with three of the six awards that were presented at the ceremony. 

"It was a proud day for us and a reflection of the caliber of the people we have in every corner of the state and at all levels of the department," said IDOC Director Brent Reinke.

Lt. Gov. Brad Little was the graduation speaker.

CPM is a professional designation which indicates the holder has completed more than 300 hours of coursework and mastered a set of public-sector management skills.

The CPM designation was created in 1979 as part of national effort to improve the performance of public sector managers.  Idaho got involved in 2000 when Governor Dirk Kempthorne signed an executive order that stated the CPM program would be the state's preferred method for developing managers.

This latest class, CPM 10 which graduated December 13, 2013, included managers from 15 state agencies, Idaho State University and the City of Boise. 

In addition to learning new skills, the CPM program gives participants an opportunity to build professional relationships beyond their agencies and, in turn, help make Idaho government as a whole more efficient and better able to  serve its citizens.

Story published: 01/30/2014

Graduation awards

IDOC staff members received of three of the six awards presented at the graduation ceremony

Jeff Kirkman, the new warden of Pocatello Women's Correctional Center,  received the award for Most Likely to Succeed in Management based on a vote of his classmates in Boise Track 11.

Pamela McCarroll, D-5 section supervisor, also received the award for Most Likely to Succeed In Management, based on a vote of her classmates in the East Track.

Kathy Felder, a senior probation and parole officer in D-5, received the Most Changed award in the East Track.


IDOC's 2013 CPM graduates

Casandra Crowell - District 3

Robert Phillips - SBWCC

Jeff Kirkman - ISCI

Russ Wheatley  - District 7

Britt Ashby - District 7

Pamela McCarroll - District 5

Glen Armstrong - SAWC

Tom Genera - PWCC

Kathy Felder - District 5

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