IDOC's Year in Review

Cover of annual report, shows tower with rainbow
IDOC's 2013 annual report

The Department’s Annual Report is now available on edoc and the Department's external website, The featured image on the front page is a rainbow over the Idaho State Correctional Institution tower. Lieutenant Tim McKay captured the photo and shared on edoc earlier in 2013.

The report memorialized key events that occurred during the 2013 fiscal year, including the Department’s change to a new mission, vision and values. The report includes a broad overview and key statistics about each Division and services provided.

The Director’s Office area focuses on the new strategic plan mission, vision and values, concern about turnover, and the emergence of a new strategy for communicating via social media.

For the Prisons Division the report highlights a unique CERT training, the opening of the security checkpoint at the South Boise Complex, and challenges associated with new standards of the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

The Probation and Parole Division page highlights the Do No Harm philosophy, and provides information on increasing caseload numbers.

The Education, Treatment and Reentry Division reviews progress of the Sex Offender Management Board, the evolution of treatment pathways and the introduction of the Kahn Academy initiative.

The diverse Management Services Division section reviews contract prison oversight initiatives, a new health care contract, and compares our IT staff to other agencies.

If you haven’t yet seen the baseline measures for recidivism, check out the last page of the Annual Report. It features today’s recidivism numbers and opportunities for living our mission to reduce recidivism into the future.

Story published: 01/07/2014
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