IFCRC offenders learn fly-tying as a “pro-social activity”

offenders hold boxes with fly-tying kits
By John Carroll, Manager, Idaho Falls Community Reentry Center

Correctional Case Manager Mike Alboucq partnered up with local outdoorsman and entrepreneur, Jimmy Gabettas of All Seasons Angler to sponsor a fly-tying class for Idaho Falls Community Reentry Center residents. 

Jimmy and his staff were generous in putting together each man’s starter kit along with personal instruction and a video to keep them on track. 

Each of them paid for entry into the class, further evidence of the personal financial responsibility modeled at CRC’s. 

This class will be an opportunity for the men at IFCRC to develop a pro-social leisure time activity requiring focus, attention to detail and some finemotor skills. 

Hopefully, it will also be a way to open a door for them to spend quality time fishing with friends and family, building relationships and trust. 

The idea Mike had for this class exhibits his care and concern for safely working toward offender success and is another way he continues to build rapport and influence positive outcomes consistent with our Mission!

From left to right at All Seasons Angler in downtown Idaho Falls:  Timothy Hine, Maison Poole, Thomas Burgess, Dominic Catalan, James Gabettas, Todd Wadman, Matthew Coladonato and Shawn Bott.

Story published: 03/23/2018
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