IMSI, Corizon staff honored for saving inmate's life following suicide attempt

Silver cross recipients with administrators stand for photo

mum Security staff members a Corizon nurse received the Idaho Department of Correction’s Silver Cross Award at the Board of Corrections meeting at the Treasure Valley Reentry Center on March 20, 2018.

The staff members were recognized for helping save the life of an inmate who attempted to commit suicide.  

Here is how IMSI Warden Al Ramirez described the incident when nominating the recipients: 

While conducting a unit check in B Block, Officer Katlyn Madsen found [the inmate] unresponsive in his cell with blood on the floor. She activated ICS and requested the facility response team. 

The alpha response team and assistant shift commander made entry into the cell and discovered that [the inmate] was bleeding profusely from a self-inflicted cut in his left wrist that appeared to have been made by a razor blade. 

Response staff provided first aid to prevent further blood loss while waiting for medical staff to arrive on scene. 

RN Chelsey Holcomb arrived on scene, assessed the inmate's injuries, and determined that his injuries were severe enough to activate an EMS response to the facility. 

[The inmate] became responsive and then became resistant to the staff members' first aid attempts. The response team was able to safely restrain the inmate while allowing first aid attempts to continue. 

An ambulance was called and [the inmate] was transported to [a Boise hospital] for further treatment. Officer Bradley Ward and Officer Christopher DeAndrade accompanied the inmate to the hospital. 

The coordinated action managed and supervised by shift commander Lt. Caryl Frasier and assistant shift commander Sgt. John Brock as well as unit staff, the alpha response team (Sgt. Jacob Ball, Officer Bradley Ward, Officer Christopher DeAndrade, and Officer Adam Kirk), and medical staff resulted in the saving of the inmate’s life on February 2nd, 2018.

The Silver Cross Award is presented to Idaho Department of Correction staff members who display prompt or alert action that results in a life being saved or the prevention of injury to others.

Story published: 03/20/2018
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