Inmate artwork on display in IDOC board room

Inmate paintings on wall

The Idaho Department of Correction is now displaying work by inmate artists in the Board of Correction’s meeting room at the department’s central office in Boise.

This piece is by Bonnie Droh and Autumn Boyack. They were released earlier this year from the South Idaho Correctional Institution’s Parole Release Center. 

Here’s how they describe their work: 

“For us, these paintings represent a time and a place for everything.

“Gears represent time and Humanity; stopping time to realize how things work so that we may use the tools we have learned.

“We have realized; in taking different routes that over time pain heals.

“Built in the mechanisms of the Universe, gravity places us on paths to operate out our Potentials.”

Story published: 06/07/2018
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