Inmate color guard at NICI a “proud tradition”

Color guard in action
By Christine Reuter, NICI Office Specialist 2

North Idaho Correctional Institution’s offender Color Guard members are a team of individuals selected for their prosocial behavior and ability to be a role model to their peers 24 hours/7 days a week. 

Correctional Case Manager Jeff Anderson, has served as coordinator for the Color Guard as long as he has been at NICI. He created a contract which lists the expectations for Color Guard members. They are held to a higher standard and fellow team members and CCM Anderson expects more out of them than other offenders on compound.

“These guys feel a sense of pride being a part of the Color Guard.” CCM Anderson commented, “Many are veterans themselves.”

The waiting list has been as long as two pages to be a part of the offender led Color Guard, a proud tradition on compound.

CCM Jeff Anderson, a fellow veteran, served our country with the U. S. Army; he was active duty from 1989 to 1993 as a Combat Medic. During his first two years of service in Germany, he was deployed to the Middle East for Operation Desert Storm. Following his active duty time, he spent two years in the Florida National Guard and ended his service with the Idaho National Guard in 1997. 

As we approach Veteran’s Day this year, NICI staff would like to acknowledge the many IDOC employees who have served and who are serving our country. Thank you to all veterans for your service. 

Christine produced this video of the color guard in action. 

Story published: 11/01/2017
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