Inside Outside program comes to NICI

Inmate receives certificate at ceremony
Photo by Christine Reuter, NICI
By Christine Reuter, Office Specialist 2, North Idaho Correctional Institution

North Idaho Correctional Institution and University of Idaho celebrated the first Inside Outside course completion graduation.

After the success of this course at Idaho Correctional Institution – Orofino, U of I assistant professor, Dr. Omi Hodwitz, was able to readapt the course curriculum to a reasonable time frame to bring this program to NICI. 

U of I Department Chairman Brian Wolf praised Dr. Hodwitz for her efforts to accelerate the process to approve the curriculum for the Inside Outside program to take place during the summer schedule. He also recognized U of I students signing up for this summer course and their dedication to participate in a class they could not duplicate on campus.

Inside inmate students, Mr. Bronco and Mr. Stone, both appreciated the opportunity to participate in this class and all the teachers and students they were able to work with. They hope to see this program continue.

Outside U of I student, Megan Smith, shared in her speech, “Getting to come here and be surrounded by a group of students that were so engaged and truly interested in the class and the work we were doing was absolutely amazing. Normally I despise group work but being able to sit down with a group and discuss, maybe even argue a little bit, with students that were insightful and committed was just so incredible special.”

Carson Poertner, another Outside U of I student, shared “Every person has a unique journey & are on different walks of Life. However, that doesn’t limit the amount of positive influence one person or one experience can have on someone’s life. The power of human connection and the power of unlikely companions has demonstrated that influence for me personally, because without this course and without this experience, that connection would be missing.”

NICI staff look forward to collaborating with both University Of Idaho as well as Lewis & Clark State College in the future.

Story published: 08/01/2019
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