ISCC becomes the first facility in Idaho to have an American Legion Post

Members of post stand and sit for photo
By Cpt. Dagoberto Martinez, Idaho State Correctional Center

Over the past few years, IDOC has implemented multiple programs to improve the corrections climate in the 21st century.

The initiative of normalization has swept through ISCC in an effort to rehabilitate offenders into productive members of society, rather than to simply warehouse these offenders whom nearly 90% of will eventually reintegrate into Idaho’s communities. 

Post #201 is one of these programs  is one of kind in Idaho and part of a small group in the United States.

Post #201 has 34 current members at ISCC and is one of the fastest growing groups in all of Idaho.

This group of individuals have taken advantage of this opportunity and use the group as a way to reinforce positive behaviors, meaningful services and a way to help rehabilitation and reintegration into society.  

The Legionnaires of this post have committed 2200 hours of service in the 11 months.

A few of the ways they are doing this is through the current Boise Bike Project at ISCC.

This project allows the members to give back by refurbishing donated bicycles, which also helps provide jobs skills to incarcerated veterans. These bicycles are provided to local children at no cost to their families. 

The offenders have also raised $400 for the Mountain State Tumor Institute and even volunteer their time to clean the toys in the visiting room weekly.  

Special thanks to America Legion Department of Idaho; Commander Charles Abrahamson,  Corporal Kenneth Mezo (Post Liaison)and the Administration at ISCC.

Story published: 04/26/2019
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