ISCC Close Custody Visitation

Visitation alert over logo
By Warden Jay Christensen, ISCC

In light of recent incidents in the Idaho State Correctional Center visiting room, we have evaluated all visitation options for close custody offenders.

With the Holidays approaching we believe it is best to restore some form of visitation while ensuring the safety of all visitors, staff and offenders alike.

ISCC plans to begin offering video visitation during the week of 11/19/2018 for close custody.

The visitation times will be coordinated between G-blk staff and Visiting staff to align with the current G-blk dayroom schedules.

Those offenders wishing to receive a video visit will communicate their visiting request with unit staff by use of a concern form and once it has been confirmed they will inform their visitors of the time frames to match their dayroom schedule.

Story published: 11/19/2018
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