ISCC launches Edovo tablet project

inmate looks at tablet
By David Mehlhaff, ISCC Education Program Manager

CenturyLink has provided a total of 120 Edovo tablets to the IDOC education programs at ISCC and IMSI.  The tablet project launched two weeks ago and is wildly successful at ISCC! Of the 70 tablets received from CenturyLink, ISCC is down to issuing the last 10 tablets!    

The tablet program prioritizes Youthful Offenders, Closed Custody, and ABE/GED students and has been an enrollment motivator for some inmates!  Teachers are using the tablet to reinforce classroom studies in specific subject areas.  

There is also a great deal of interest in the college level courses, inmates have expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to study college level courses and even earn credit in the prison environment.  They feel empowered to pursue post-secondary goals that otherwise were not available.  There is also a wait list of students that have requested a tablet.  All 70 tablets are expected to be issued sometime next week.  

On behalf of our inmates and the Robert Janss School, thank you to CenturyLink for the marvelous opportunity extended to our prison population!

Story published: 02/27/2019
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