ISCI honors inmate for suicide prevention efforts

Warden gives challenge coin to inmate
By Kirsten Brown, Psychiatric Treatment Coordinator, ISCI

Inmate Companion Coordinator Andrew Geiger has been a companion for the Suicide Watch Program at the Idaho State Correctional Institution for the past 9 years. 

Andrew Geiger has served as the inmate suicide watch program coordinator for 8 years of that time, as he took lead for the program in February 2010. 

Geiger has helped organize and streamline the program and has been the go-to person for early morning needs, late night wake ups, and a great deal of scheduling demands. 

He truly has made a difference while serving his time here at ISCI. 

He has worked for 6 Psychiatric Treatment Coordinators during this time, while adapting well to the numerous amount of changes the program has gone through. Geiger has served as a liaison between inmates and staff for many years. 

His dedication, work ethic, and positive attitude are very much appreciated.

For all of his hard work, Geiger was presented with the challenge coin by Warden Keith Yordy at Idaho State Correctional Institution on July 18, 2018. 

Staff from every department (Administration, Clinical, Security, Psychiatric Technicians, and Medical) all gathered to present Geiger with well wishes and a card, as he will top his sentence in August. 

The challenge coin represents the dedication to service for the department. 

Story published: 08/07/2018
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