ISCI promotes health and wellness through yoga

Inmates stretch with hands over heads
By W. Charles Durrant, Education Program Manager, Idaho State Correctional Institution

Since July of 2018, Boise yoga therapist Kaelyn Rogers has been providing weekly yoga instruction to approximately twenty inmates at ISCI.

Rogers describes the use of therapeutic yoga as a way to, “Help people improve their own health, and welfare, improve the way they interact with other people, provide anger management and emotional regulation skills, improve pain management, and improve self-efficacy.”

Her goal is to expand the program to provide offerings in multiple IDOC facilities, juvenile detention centers, community-based classes for at risk youth and families, and recently released individuals.

Kaelyn is in the process of launching a non-profit, Upward Inertia, to address this goal.

Participants of the yoga program are engaged and pleased with the results. 

Inmate Chris Thomas says, “Yoga has helped me with the concept of mind, body and soul.It has helped me with my stress management and deal with life on life’s terms.”

Another participant, inmate Mike Dauber, added, “This class has made me feel more at peace and more mindful to others.  Yoga has dramatically affected my PTSD in ways that that I never thought possible.” 

Rogers will continue the program at ISCI through the first weeks of summer.

Story published: 05/27/2019
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