JP4 pre-orders now accepted

Image of JP4 from jpay website
Pre-orders are now accepted for the JP4 Player for inmates

Starting May 1, families and friends of most Idaho Department of Correction inmates will have new ways to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones.

A secure digital communications system, which was specially designed for use in a correctional setting, will come online.

The system will allow families and friends the ability to send digital photos and short video messages to their loved ones, as well as to send and receive email. 

Inmates will also be able to use the system to purchase and listen to digital music.

Inmates will access the system using wall kiosks installed in their units. As part of the overall system, inmates also have the option to purchase a digital device called the JP4. Inmates can use the JP4 to upload and download content via one of the many kiosks installed in all IDOC correctional facilities. Inmates who choose not to purchase a JP4 can still access all kiosk-based services using the wall kiosks.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for the JP4 but only for general population inmates. 

If you would like to order a JP4 for your incarcerated loved one, who must be living in a general-population IDOC housing unit, visit or call 1-800-574-5729. 

Delivery of pre-ordered units will begin after May 1.

Kiosk-based services as well as the JP4 will be available to inmates in restricted-housing units at a later date.

Because restricted-housing inmates will not have access to the wall kiosks, engineers must develop a Wi-Fi system that will provide reliable wireless connectivity in a high-security environment that features thick walls and doors. 

Until such a wireless system comes online, restricted-housing inmates will not be able to use kiosk-based services, possess a JP4 or open an account to pay for kiosk-based services.  

Families and friends of restricted-housing inmates will not be able to pre-order a JP4 for their incarcerated loved ones. 

Further, families and friends of restricted housing inmates will not be able to deposit money on their inmates’ behalf into an account to pay for kiosk-based services.

Kiosk-based services are provided by CenturyLink as part of the overall inmate communications platform. No taxpayer dollars will be used to fund the operation of the system

Story published: 03/31/2015
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