Lawmaker Visits Treatment Program

Representative Wills visits a prison
Rep. Wills at SICI

Women inmates getting ready to parole received a surprise visit from a lawmaker and the corrections director. Representative "Rich" Wills and Director Kevin Kempf dropped by the women's therapeutic community at the South Idaho Correctional Institution on May 18. The two talked about how new laws will impact parolees in the coming months.

Rep. Wills chairs the House Judiciary and Rules Committee, a very powerful committee in the Legislature He co-sponsored the Idaho Justice Reinvestment Initiative.

Chairman Wills described how the new law strengthens supervision. He noted that all probation and parole staff statewide are being trained on Motivational Interviewing. He also talked about the new Idaho Response Matrix. It gives positive feedback to an offender when they do something right and outlines what will happen when they violate supervision rules.

Wills spoke at length about obstacles that inmates have to overcome and the work ahead of them on probation and parole. He gave the inmates this charge, "Work hard at your parole, and never give up."

Story published: 05/21/2015
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