Living the mission: IMSI Ofc. Marc Aber

Portrait of Aber
Ofc. Marc Aber, IMSI

Respect is a core value for the men and women of the Idaho Department of Correction.  

We recently got a message via Facebook from a citizen who appreciated the respect Idaho Maximum Security Ofc. Marc Aber showed her when she was visiting her son who is incarcerated at the facility.

The citizen wrote: 

“I would just like to take a moment to Thank the Corrections Officer that was running visitation yesterday (7/24) afternoon at IMSI. He was so kind to my son and I and really [made] the visiting experience as good as it can be given the situation.

“We have visited many times… and had some experiences that were upsetting to my son who has some degree of special needs due to a sensory disorder.

“I'm very pleased with the way it is set up for visiting, it made us feel like we could relax and have a little fun as a family and the professionalism of your staff was very much appreciated. 

“Signed, A stress free mom (at least for a few hours)”

Thanks for living the mission of the Idaho Department of Correction, Ofc. Aber. 

And thanks to IMSI's administrative assistant, Kim Bausch, for sending along the photo.

EDOC is eager to receive photos of staff at your facility being recognized for their accomplishments.Send them to IDOC’s public information officer, Jeff Ray.

Story published: 08/13/2015
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