Monica Kalar, District 2 Employee of the Year, Presented on November 26, 2018

Monica Kalar, Employee of the Year, District 2
Glenda Thomson, Probation & Parole District 2 Manager

Monica Kalar was promoted to Lead PPO in June 2017. She takes her Lead position very seriously and is always willing to push herself to do more.

From January through July 2018 Monica supervised the Sex Offender Caseload in Lewiston. From July 2018 to the present, she supervises the Level 2 caseload, which is approximately 140 offenders. In addition to her caseload, Monica organizes and facilitates the MI 20 group for the district. She implemented our UA text line for all Level 4's and Level 3's not in treatment to help her peers meet standards.

She revamped the SCOAP program to update the information so it is current and trains PPOs and other LE personnel that participate; she is an active member in Honor Guard and presented the colors in several community and IDOC settings. She maintains our firearms inventory, she is a PTO for our new hires, and took the lead in coordinating and programming all our field radios.

She has a positive attitude and stretches herself to help her co-workers by doing whatever is needed in their absence. Monica gives a 110% every day. Monica is deserving of the employee of the year "Thankful for you Award" due to her continued support of our current mission, support of her management team and her dedication to furthering the field of Community Supervision. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and good friend! We are very proud of her!

Story published: 12/05/2018
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