My visit to IMSI

About 8 officers at reception desk at IMSI
Photo courtesy Kevin Kempf, Director, IDOC
By Kevin Kempf, Director, IDOC

This morning I stopped by IMSI to say hello to first and second shift staff.  

When I arrived in the middle of the night, instead of finding a Lieutenant huddled up in an office, I found him spending time with his Outside Patrol Officer while they circled the facility.  Great job Lt. Overgaard!  

While visiting with leaders like Audens, Trumbull, Niecko, Diaz, Aiello and many others, I was so impressed with how each one took time to speak positively about other staff!  

It warmed my heart to hear so many staff express care and concern about a fellow Officer who was assaulted the day before. 

Long story short, it's amazing what you will see when you are looking for the greatness in people. Most times they won't let you down. 

Story published: 07/29/2015
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